Staff Wellbeing

Reflective Learning Groups

Structured Reflective Learning for staff involved in providing Pastoral Support

Supporting the mental health of children and young people is challenging and Exchange Counselling | The Exchange | The Exchange Text-Based Logo recognises the emotional impact that this can have on school staff. Structured reflective learning groups are an essential support system for pastoral staff. The discussions which make up the sessions are designed to support the participants and the dedication they bring to the work. From this an increased senses of collaboration, more open communication, decreased feelings of stress and isolation can be achieved. 

Mental health training for staff

A healthy workforce is central to the support provision available to children and young people. As the saying goes:

“Fit your own  oxygen mask  first. You're no use to anyone if you're running on empty”

Part 1 “Bouncing” back from adversity and trauma

Returning to work following COVID19

Part 2 Positive self-management through difficult challenges

Managing the challenges of the new school year

Part 3 Resilience bootcamp 

Regaining, restoring and developing psychological wellbeing 

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