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Secondary School
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The Exchange has been providing counselling services in Secondary Schools for over 18 years. 

In that time, we have learned a lot from the young people especially the importance of working collaboratively with the young person and all the connections which surround them. 

We adopt a strategic approach to building resilience and enabling psychological wellbeing and integrate our work with the other services within the school, to be one part of a wellbeing strategy which the school can embrace in support of the young people.



Need Easy-Read versions?

Simplified versions of our Information leaflets for Young People & Parents/Carers.

Our years of experience reassure us that very few young people have “mental health issues” but many have “life coping difficulties”. 

They can be struggling to deal with predictable issues: family conflict, peer relationships, stress, low self-worth, social media pressures.


We have developed a portfolio of interventions and resources to ensure the counselling we provide can be better targeted and more effective: 12-year olds connect differently from 17-year olds; some young people appear to be brimming with self-confidence and others seem to have very low self-esteem but they all can be dealing with difficulties which are hard to resolve. 

For these emotional and psychological struggles, a school-based counselling service is an ideal intervention; easy to set up, easy to access and one that provides personalised support just when it is needed.



Counselling and therapy

Our approach is holistic and respectful  of the developing identity of the young people- support must be tailored to fit the individual needs of the young person 

The interventions are purposeful and directional,  helping the young person to get beyond the distress they are currently experiencing but also building the resilience to cope better with similar difficulties in future. 

Our aims are help the young people to take charge of the narrative of their own lives  and support them to feel empowered to achieve their full capacity. 

The counselling service we provide is designed to be  one part of the “trellis of support”  which helps young people to develop the resources of resilience to grow in a healthy direction and to thrive. 


Building psychological resilience and the psychological wellbeing of the young people is our expertise and we are keen to share it.

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