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Our principles of building resilience led to the development of our own high-quality resources and specialised programmes.

Exchange Resources' programmes are designed to focus on developing resilience in response to different kinds of emotional, social and psychological needs.

We provide both group work programmes and one-off themed workshops to address a range of issues and themes. We also offer our own carefully sourced and designed resources to aid in opening discussion with children and young people.

Our range of resource cards cover emotional development, resilience building and are flexible to be used in a number of settings.

Our in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience with the resilience framework in action has enabled us to offer these resources to a wider network.

Our catalogue of topics ranging from self-esteem building to coping with change can easily be adapted in different environments. Staff wellbeing workshop options also support strong mental fitness to aid those working with children and young people.

Visit to find out more about our resources, programmes and sign up to access our free resource library

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Accredited Training Programmes

Therapeutic Resource Cards

Resilience Building Programmes for Children & Young People

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