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primary parent consultation


we are here to help

You are here because your child has been referred to The Exchange for support.


The next step is for you to book an appointment where you will meet with an Exchange staff member to discuss how we can help.

The appointment will last 50 minutes and can be booked at a time to suit you.

if you are unable to book online, please call

The Exchange on 0330 202 0283

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Initial Referral



You are here because your initial referral has been received and processed by our Client Support team. 

The parent/ guardian consultation allows us to gather information which will aid in the assessment of your child. We will complete our resilience screening measure during the child assessment to gain insight into the child's narrative

Throughout our 8 session model of support we will collaborate with yourself. We will arrange for you to meet with the practitioner working with your child half way through the support and again at the end - both of which can either be via the phone or in person. These meetings are an opportunity for the Exchange staff member to share recommendations and resources to help you support your child.

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