A Whole School Approach
Supporting Psychological Wellbeing in Primary and Secondary Schools

works collaboratively with Local Authorities across the U.K. to help them embed the psychological and emotional wellbeing of children and young people into a Whole School Approach in both Primary and Secondary schools. A well-researched model has been created, tried and tested which provides to schools a framework which is both strategic (coherent across the whole school) and operational (providing age-appropriate interventions to respond to the emotional/psychologicaldistress of children). As schools aim to "get it right for every child" in their holistic approach to education, ensures that the support we provide is woven into the fabric of this approach. The holistic philosophy of schools to provide the optimal setting for academic and social development, is supported by a parallel approach to psychological wellbeing which complements the natural development of children through their school years (Primary and Secondary). Our focus is to help each young person to grow in self-belief, empowered by the knowledge that that s/he is worthy of respect and capable of significant achievements. We aim to enhance the resilience of children and teenagers by supporting them to be effective in their social interactions and positive in their outlook. The capacity of every young person to grow strong in spite of adversity inspires our team to nurture the potential in everyone with whom we work.

This Resource-Based approach to psychological wellbeing is based on international research, and identifies 3 distinct, but overlapping, areas of psychological resilience. This approach makes concepts like "resilience" and "psychological wellbeing" into workable units of learning. It provides a language which can be easily integrated into the school without jargon or vagueness. The Resource-Based approach allows all the adults in a school community to see how their work and their interactions with the young people can contribute to the key ingredients of mental health and psychological wellbeing. It does not require schools to replace activities which they use and trust with new-fangled activities and approaches. On the contrary, the Resource-Based approach invites schools to get more from their existing activities by providing a new way of seeing the wellbeing of the person.

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Resource-based Framework

Whole-school training

  • All school staff
  • Learn the Resource-based Framework
  • Promote positive mental health through the 15 elements of resilience
  • Map on existing provisions and how each activity targets specific resilience elements to create a whole-school strategic to supporting psychological wellbeing

Psychological Wellbeing Assessments

Pastoral and support staff

  • Learn to assess the 3 dimensions of resilience
  • Generate a resilience profile to identify ‘strengths’ and ‘vulnerabilities’
  • Create a Resilience Action Plan using the 15 resilience elements
  • Resources and Toolkit Manual included

Psychological Wellbeing Interventions

Staff can learn to deliver Resilience Programmes to support emotional development

  • Self-esteem
  • Family Breakdown
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Transition and Change
  • Bereavement
  • Building Friendships
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