Secondary School & Teenagers

Secondary schools

In the past 10 years, the-exchange has worked with several thousands of young people who have approached our services either in schools or the local community.

We bring a wealth of experience to the school setting where we work to integrate with the support systems already in place. We adopt a strategic approach to psychological wellbeing in order to integrate our work with the other services within the school and to be one part of a wellbeing strategy which the school can embrace in support of the youung people.

Psychological Wellbeing

The-exchange understands that the vast majority of young people do not have a mental health problem, but they are having difficulties dealing with predictable issues: family conflict, peer relationships, stress, low self-worth, social media pressures. For these emotional and psychological struggles, a school-based counselling service is an ideal intervention; easy to set up, easy to access and one that provides personalised support just when it is needed.

Counselling and Therapy

The exchange is equipped to provide a school with a complete service by offering tried and tested professional counselling protocols, accredited and insured practitioners, who have been Disclosure approved, bespoke IT systems with referral forms, feed-back sheets and information leaflets.

We provide nominated counsellors for the school; with the main remit dedicated to providing one-to-one counselling, group-work with pupils, working with parents, supporting staff and publicising the service. Every young person who approaches the service (whether self-referral or referral by others) has an initial assessment meeting with the counsellor within 5 working days. During the initial screening session, the counsellor is assessing the client's situation, level of risk and the nature of their family/social support jointly with the person. 

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