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Psychological well-being

Children and families experience many adverse life events that can be difficult and challenging [e.g family breakdown, bereavement]. Some life circumstances can be stressful and cause children and parents to experience prolonged periods of sadness, anxiety, anger and other difficult emotions. Primary-aged children can sometimes struggle to cope in the face of adversities because they are still developing their resilience. Parents and guardians can often feel "de-skilled" and lack confidence in supporting resilience in their child. Many parents worry about what the "right thing" to do is and can often feel under-resourced in their own resilience. Children and families who are experiencing difficult circumstances can benefit from support in building their resilience and we have resources which can help them in this area.

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Counselling and Therapy

Exchange Counselling | The Exchange | The Exchange Text-Based Logo specialises in providing psychological support to children [4-11 yrs] and their families. Our therapeutic interventions focus on helping children develop resources that they need in order to cope more effectively with adverse circumstances and life events and we use the same framework to support parents/guardians of the child. In this way, families can develop the skills they need to support one another and improve the overall resilience and psychological wellbeing of the family.

Exchange Counselling | The Exchange | The Exchange Text-Based Logo has a team of experienced practitioners who specialise in providing psychological interventions to primary school children. Primary school counsellors are accredited by a governing body [usually BACP] and are skilled in creative interventions such as theraplay, drama therapy, play therapy techniques and many more.

Most of our work takes place in Primary Schools. This is because the school offers a neutral and nurturing environment for child and parent. The school is a 'soft' setting for the child to meet with their counsellor. The school also forms an important part of the child's support system and is neutral ground for parents, teachers and counsellors to work together to support the child and family. If children or parents do not want to be seen in the Primary School then we can offer a space at our offices.

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Children often show their feelings through their behaviour. Exchange Counselling | The Exchange | The Exchange Text-Based Logo is committed to helping schools identify when there is an emotional need by recognising "bad behaviour" as a sign that the child is under resourced to be dealing with difficult feelings and adverse circumstances.

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