Parents & Families

Counselling services can become so focused on protecting confidentiality of the service users that they inadvertently block support to Parents and Families of the young people using their services. This is not the case with the-exchange where we are keen to provide strategies which keep the child or young person in the centre while the supportive structures of schools and families are involved in providing the resources-for-growth that the young person needs. On occasions where we receive a referral for a child we will dedicate some of the sessions to the parents to enable them to provide a more useful form of support for the child. This is not behaviour management classes, it is a recognition that the child will benefit from the involvement of the parents and for those parents who are not sure how to provide the right form of support we offer sessions to learn how their involvement is critical in the healthy development of the psychological resilience of their child.


The-exchange offers a strategic approach to supporting the resilience of children and young people which schools can adopt to become "resilient schools". The-exchange can offer a consultation process to schools to assist them in adopting the Swansea Resilience Model as a framework. Schools will be able to use the framework to audit and evidence how they support resilience. The Swansea Resilience Model is a strength-based model which draws on what schools already have in place to support resilience in their pupils. The-exchange can then add to resources that are already available to strengthen the schools approach to supporting resilience. This is in the form of activities, programmes and assessment tools. The Swansea Resilience Model breaks resilience down into three key areas. The consultation involves aligning the school to support the three key areas of resilience by allocating existing resources that they have in place already to focus on a specific area of resilience. The model creates a shared language fro understanding and supporting resilience and allows different staff members to focus on a specific part of resilience building rather than feel the overall responsibility for the emotional well-being of a child. Each person has a role to play in building resilience which fits into the wider well-being agenda of the school.


Based on a well-developed model of building resilience, the-exchange can offer an integrated service of support with extends to families and school-staff, while keeping the young person in the centre of the process. Using resilience as a context and framework we adopt the approach that young people who are struggling with difficulties, emotions, social interactions etc, are "under-resourced" in critical areas and the adults around them should play a role in helping the young person develop the resources they require for moving into adult life effectively. The-exchange has drawn from research and linked this to our own considerable experience of working with children, young people and their families to create a helpful assessment framework built around resilience which is able to highlight how others can support the development of this capacity within the young person. This is an ideal construct when working with schools and families in addressing the psychological and emotional needs of young people. It creates a shared language and ensures the young person is at the centre of the process.

Counselling and Therapy

Our counselling interventions focus on helping children develop resources that they need to cope with difficult circumstances and life events and we use the same framework to support parents/guardians of the child so that families can develop the skills they need to support one another and improve the overall resilience and psychological wellbeing of the family. The-exchange offers one to one and group support and this will depend on the needs of the child and family.

The exchange offers a variety of different interventions for parents that focus on themes such as:
- attachment
- conflict
- parental separation

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