College & University Students

Increasingly colleges and universities are choosing to use independent specialist agencies to provide the counselling services to their students. This group require a robust, flexible counselling service which can adapt to the timetable and fluctuations in a student's life. Universities who have moved in this direction and are using our services are able to focus their attention on the broad range of other welfare needs of the student population. The student welfare officers know that the counselling service will manage the majority of referrals easily and will involve the university in those particular cases where a shred approach is required.

Psychological Well-being

The-exchange has developed a specialist approach in supporting the psychological well-being of students. Our interventions are designed to support students that are feeling overwhelmed by their emotions, being at university, and their studies. Students often become isolated and lack the resources to manage stress and anxiety whilst trying to complete their studies. Building resilience in students can help them achieve what they set out to whilst dealing with the inevitable life stresses through this transitional period of their lives. The-exchange help students develop their inner strength to excel and succeed in the face of adversities.

Counselling and Therapy

Student issues reflect the move into adulthood, the move away from home, the greater independence which comes with student life. It brings opportunities for many and difficult struggles for some. A robust counselling service with the experience of supporting these young adults is essential. The service needs to be efficient and effective and managing waiting times judiciously. The-exchange has that experience and can provide the depth of support required for a student population.

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